Name: The Black King

Occupation: King of Maithas

Specie: Unicorn

Height: 15’2″ hands high

Born: Onser 3rd, 731 (age 43)

Magical Abilities: Telekinesis, telepathy, hydrokinesis, hypnosis, and bioimmunity (can sense and is immune to most poisons, toxins, and venoms. Can remove them to an extent from both liquids and creatures).

Likes: Moving water, nature, a good gallop

Dislikes: Incompetence, long-winded speeches, cloudy days

Has Always Wanted To: Tell his mother he loved her one last time

The earliest record of the Black King is from the summer of 760, fourteen years prior to the present year of 774. Before that time, who the Black King is, and who the Black King was, remains a mystery. It wasn’t until 760 that the Black King first appeared under the name of “Nobody.” For five years he quietly created an underground rebellion as he gained power in the Maithan palace. In early summer of 765, the Black King emerged with his new title – and a throne to match. Overnight, he and his rebellion overthrew the former Maithan government in one fell swoop, leaving the former king dead. 

By 774, the Black King had conquered both Bevenkras and Pemembras, and united them under the Maithan flag. In nine years since he first came to power, the Black King has appropriated three of the four Themblise monarchies. The last monarchies, Croon, is convinced that he will come after them next. Most of the citizens of Maithas -new and old- believe the same. 

The Black King is seen as an empiricist. Whether or not this is seen favorably depends on who you are talking to. The Black King is a controversial figure, with as many fervent followers as enemies. 

Those who work closely with the Black King respect him highly, even if they may not agree with him politically. He is a commanding monarch who seems to have a permanent frown etched across his face. He rarely smiles, and never with his teeth. His laugh is so rare that it is considered non-existent. The Black King is a bit of a workaholic, who randomly disappears whenever he needs a break (much to the concern of his personal guards). He has little patience for ineptitude and stupidity, and is known and feared for his sharp criticisms. However, both his rewards and praises are copious when deserved. On the battlefield, he is known for his ferociousness. 

The Black King’s favorite political tactic is to remain silent until the other person breaks and begins babbling. Waiting and listening has been incredibly rewarding, and he takes satisfaction out of watching others squirm. His love for water, especially moving water, is a well-known fact, as he consistently travels and lives near water as much as possible. 

My earliest digital drawing of the Black King.