Name: Tepen Ranco

Occupation: King of Pemembras

Specie: Griffin

Born: Onser 24th, 705

Died: Aspairoon 3rd, 773 (age 68)

King Tepen Ranco was notable for his greed and selfishness. Like most monarchs, he was a successful businessman before rising to the throne. However, unlike most, Tepen did not set his business aside once he became king. Over the course of his rule, Tepen specialized in increasing trade and tax breaks for the wealthy merchants, while taxing and limiting small competing businesses. Monopolies like Red Swallow Freight rose to power.

Tepen was fairly uninterested in anything that did not involve the business side of ruling. His daughter, Fallow, became one of his top advisers.

When the Black King overran the capital city of Borrel on Aspairoon 3rd, 773, Tepen and Fallow somehow escaped the Borrel Palace. However, they were discovered fleeing on a stolen boat and killed in the ensuing struggle.