These are small, brief biographies of major and minor characters in Name of the King. These were written to be as spoiler-free as possible, so treading lightly isn’t necessary. 

Unsure on how to pronounce a name? Take a wander over to the Pronunciation Guide.

For ease, characters are listed under the monarchy that they have lived the majority of their life in.

Name of the King begins in the fall, on Corlen 7th, 774. All ages are based off of this date.

Main Characters (in order of appearance)

Ireen – Female human. A friendly, outgoing chef who values family.

Ireen’s Family – Human. A close-knit family.

The Black King – Male unicorn. The calculating, deadly king of Maithas.

Pem – Female cow. A motherly, kind employee records manager.

The Maithan Musicians: Jaisom, Lent, and Marla.


The Black King – Male unicorn. The calculating, deadly king of Maithas.

Burdell – Female cupidine. The Black King’s bitter secretary.

Morent – Male rat. A specialist in governmental relations. A lawyer.

Pem – Female cow. A motherly, kind employee records manager.

Onu – Male dog. The Black King’s favorite charmcaster who suffers from severe allergies.

Warlic – Male direwolf. One of the Black King’s generals. Quiet and observant.

WormHuman. The Black King’s most skilled spy.


Antona – Female human. Ireen’s mother and a basketweaver.

Carcella – Female coyote therio. The owner and chef of the restaurant Carcella’s.

Golgi – Male minotaur. Carcella’s longtime friend and fellow chef.

Gren – Male coyote therio. Carcella’s husband.

Ireen – Female human. Our protagonist, a friendly, outgoing chef.

Jaisom – Male human. A talented musician with a spring in his step.

Luca – Male human. Ireen’s youngest brother, an adventurer.

Neto – Male human. Ireen’s younger brother, a dreamer.

Partridge – Female human. Suebin and Talem’s youngest daughter.

Sanson – Male human. Suebin and Talem’s shy son.

Sejon  Male human. Ireen’s father, a commercial fisherman.

Suebin Female human. Ireen’s older sister and Talem’s wife.

Talem – Male human. Suebin’s husband, as involved in politics as his wife.

Tepen Ranco – Male griffin. Former king of Pemembras.

Carcella’s Restaurant Staff – Short biographies for each of Ireen’s co-workers.


Lent – Male griffin. A musician playing the gittern for the Black King’s court.


Amone Feras – Female cougar. The queen of Croon.

Marla – Female dog. A musician who plays the drums in the Black King’s court.


Revieka РThe deity of the dominant religion in Themble. Generally portrayed as different animals with their eyes closed, and two runes on the forehead and neck.