In Themble, prior to 770, there were four monarchies: Maithas, to the northwest; Pemembras, to the southwest; Bevenkras, to the northeast; and Croon, to the southeast. However, Bevenkras and Pemembras have both been absorbed into Maithas after the Black King invaded. Despite his victory, the two former monarchies are distinctive from Maithas, and therefore are categorized on their own on this page. The current opinions of each of these monarchies are found in Themblise Politics.


Historically, Maithas is the smallest and least powerful of all of the kingdoms. Nine years ago, in 765, the economically poor and oppressed kingdom was conquered in a one-night coup by the Black King. Explore the Black King’s first conquest here.


Drunk on its own wine, Pemembras previously sported a greedy government that was just smart enough to keep its people on the edge of poverty, not quite angry enough to revolt, yet weak enough to easily be intimidated. However, six months ago, the Black King ended the war he started in 772, and Pemembras was absorbed into the kingdom of Maithas. See what the proud Pemembrans think of the new military occupation here.


The previous butt of all gossip, Bevenkras struggled to make many governmental decisions because of the fighting between the former king and the queen. Melodrama ruled, and the populace seemed to find more entertainment in bickering over the king’s and queen’s most recent spat rather than acknowledge any outside danger. Unfortunately, that backfired massively when the Black King invaded in 769. Read more about the Black King’s second kingdom here.


The largest and most powerful of all of the kingdoms in Themble, Croon has a massive navy and a thriving economy. Confident in their army, Croonians aren’t particularly concerned about the strife outside of their kingdom, yet the queen isn’t so arrogant to take her eyes off of the rapidly changing Maithas and what it might spell in the future. Take a look at the shining kingdom the Black King hasn’t tried to invade yet here.