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The direwolves of Jaczin have no true name for their religion, as they have no formal deities like Themble’s Ravieka. They simply refer to the stories and myths as What is Known. ¬†This oral passage of the stories of the universe is sacred and considered true with both the feathered and direwolves. It is a common pastime, and by their death a direwolf would have hundreds of stories memorized.

What is Known:

Birth of the World:

Before everything there was only magic, an eternal and never ending white. Millions of lines of magics, constantly colliding and merging, until slowly these impacts began to create solid forms.  

First born were the great beings. Magic created them because the moons and stars were too still. The endless darkness empty of life. So the great beings swam in the black and played with the planets. They passed them back and forth and created movement, a round and round pattern that echoes forward through time and is seen in all cycles of life. The great beings fed on stardust, and drank life from the black abyss.

Jaczin and its inhabitants were designed by Kristine Cordy. This page was written by her with minor edits.