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The Jaczin mountain range runs east and west along the Irell and Wain provinces, dipping north into the southern border of the Feylands. There are few roads or ways to cross the mountains without free-style climbing it. There are only two true passes at low points in the peaks, the Jalekee pass, and the Phia pass. These treacherous paths are around 8,000 feet up, and don’t have any roads or routes from the base leading to them. Their existence is thought to only be known by the tribes of the range.

The Jaczin mountain range is an unusual, isolated biome. Within its mountain borders, there two distinct cultures: those of the direwolves and their allies, and, to the far north, the feathered wolves.

From the base of the mountains to altitudes of around 13,000 feet live the direwolves and their allies the bearded vultures. These two groups do not often cross higher, due to the feathered wolf tribes.

13,000 feet and to the tops of the 20,000 feet peaks is territory belonging to the approximately ten or so tribes of feathered wolves. These tribes do not overly get along, but have a common enemy in the direwolves.  This land is divided between the tribes, and the borders are constantly changing and being fought over, although the battles are usually short and death is not often an outcome.

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Jaczin and its inhabitants were designed by Kristine Cordy.