Specie: Shonosho

Classification: Fey (Greater)

Subcategory: Pure

Provinces: Feylands

Rarity: Nearly extinct. Only one known living shonosho.

Average Height: 6 feet.

Average Weight: 600 lbs.

Life Span: 1,700-2,300 years.

Diet: Omnivorous.

Description: Shonosho are easily recognizable from their wrinkly hide covered in fine peach-fuzz hair. Their heads are large and long, with jutting cheekbones and four tusks. Four eyes, two large, and two small, are above the cheekbones. Short, sharp ears grace the top of the head. Shonosho have short, muscular necks.

The body is large, with powerful shoulders. Behind the two forelegs are two arms with long, slender fingers. The claws on the forelegs and hindlegs are short, unlike on the arms. The tail stretches behind before it splits at the end into two.

Sexual Dimorphism: Female shonosho have smaller tusks, and are slightly more slender in appearance.

Colors and Markings: Shonosho are born a bright gold, but as they age, begin to darken. A shonosho reaching 2,000 years old will usually be the color of coffee, if not darker. Shonosho will occasionally have darker spots, like birthmarks, on their skin.

Common Magical Abilities: Shonosho are famous for their strong chronokinetic abilities. Each shonosho can either see into the past, present, or future. They often have a collection of other magical abilities that range.

Physical Abilities: Shonosho can run up to 30 mph for short periods. They are strong, and can use their strong head, short neck, and shoulders to ram. Their arms cannot carry much weight, but are flexible and the hands have fine motor skills.

Reproduction: Shonosho, like all Greater Fey, have extremely low fertility. They lay typically lay one egg at a time, and incredibly rarely. The female shonosho is pregnant for more than a year before laying the egg, which will hatch in another year. The shonosho are born being able to stand. A shonosho reaches maturity around four hundred years of age.