Specie: Pooka

Classification: Fey (average)

Subcategory: Pure

Provinces: Feylands

Rarity: Uncommon

Average Height: 2 feet

Average Weight: 30 lbs

Life Span: 180-210 years

Diet: Omnivore

Description: Pookas are rarely seen in their natural state. All pookas are therianthropics, or shape-shifters. However, the pooka, if in their birth-form, resembles a black, gelatinous bean with legs. They are not much to look at, and in this form, incredibly fragile. Their bodies are soft and slimy, not unlike a wet frog, and generally incredibly unpleasant to feel. Most pookas will avoid using their birth-form at all costs, and will instead use whatever forms they are able to transform into.

Sexual Dimorphism: Male and female pookas look exactly alike from the outside.

Colors and Markings: Pookas are black, and always black. What markings and coloration their other forms may be varies highly on the individual and the specie.

Common Magical Abilities: All pookas are therianthropics and are capable of shape-shifting into three to five forms besides their birth-form. Pookas may have two to four magical abilities outside of shape-shifting. These vary highly among individuals.

Physical Abilities: In their birth-form, pookas are slow and weak with poor senses.

Reproduction: Pookas have four to five blobs through life birth. The blob is considered an adult pooka at the age of 30. Because it is impossible to tell a pooka’s gender from the outside, pookas are given gender neutral names at birth.