Golgi is an example of a minotaur.

Specie: Minotaur

Classification: Civilized

Subcategory: Pure Hybrid (Theriomorphic)

Provinces: Nearly any climate, but naturally gravitate towards provinces that have the biomes suitable for their herbivorous diet.

Rarity: Common

Average Height Without horns: 6’2” (male), 6’ (female)

Average Weight: 200 lbs (male), 180 lbs (female) 

Life Span: 70-80 years on average.

Diet: Herbivore

Description: Minotaurs are large bipedal theriomorphics with the head, hooves, and tail of a cow, bison, buffalo, or yak, and the torso of a human. They are sturdy, wide creatures with natural strength that rivals that of a human. Some have thin fur, while others are incredibly shaggy. Horn shape, color, and facial structure varies highly. However, in general, minotaurs have large heads, broad shoulders, small hips, a tail that reaches to the back of their knees, and wide cloven hooves.

Sexual Dimorphism: Males are generally taller, with more muscular shoulders and larger horns. Females have subtle human-like feminine curves and are more likely to have small horns, or none at all.

Colors and Markings: Minotaurs come in any color combination that cows, bison, buffaloes, and yaks can come in.

Common Magical Abilities: Minotaurs tend to be null, but when they do have magic, their abilities range wildly.

Physical Abilities:  Minotaurs have brute strength and are often fast, but are rarely agile.

Reproduction:  One child born live after a gestation period of 40 weeks. Twins are a rare and often deadly occurrence.

Characters: Golgi