Specie: Lamassu

Classification: Fey (average)

Subcategory: Pure Hybrid (theriomorphic)

Provinces: Feylands

Rarity: Uncommon

Average Height: 3-4 feet at the withers

Average Weight: 1,200-1,400 lbs

Life Span: 125-175 years

Diet: Herbivore.

Description: A lamassu has a human head, a cow’s body, and the wings of a bird.

The head is larger than a human’s, with a large square jaw. The cheekbones are highly pronounced, with a straight or aquiline nose. The hair is thick and coarse on the head. Beards are large and pushy on the bulls, while cows are more likely to have muttonchops. Lamassu do not have horns.

The bovine shoulders and back are covered in a high degree of feathers, which into the broad wings and the tail feathers. The fur carpets the muscular barrel, legs, and hindquarters.

Sexual Dimorphism: Bulls grow thick beards and are more prominently muscular. Cows are more likely to have no hair on the jaws, or grow muttonchops. They tend to be of slimmer build than bulls.

Colors and Markings: Lamassu have rich brown skin of varying shades, from a light hazelnut to a near-black umber. The fur can come in any bovine color and markings, with the beard and hair being a few shades darker or lighter than the fur. The wings are solid, striped, or spotted, and can be varying patterns of black, brown, russet, cream, grey, and white. The feathers are sometimes lined in purples, blues, greens, yellows, and reds. The eyes are black, brown, and amber.

Common Magical Abilities: Lamassu typically have around five magical abilities, which tend to be kinetic in nature.

Physical Abilities: Lamassu are slow fliers who can soar for hours. They are quick on the ground and have excellent sense of balance.

Reproduction: Lamassu have one calf after a gestation period of around forty weeks. A calf is considered an adult at 16 years of age.