Specie: Kudan

Classification: Fey (average)

Subcategory: Pure Hybrid (theriomorphic)

Provinces: Feylands

Rarity: Uncommon

Average Height: 5-6 feet at the withers

Average Weight: 2,400-2,600 lbs

Life Span: 150-170 years

Diet: Herbivore

Description: A kudan has the head of a human and the body of a cow.

The head is large, with a pointed chin. The eyes usually monolid but not always. The hair on the head grows down the spine and stops at the withers. The ears are bovine, and a pair of tapering horns grows above them. The body is muscular and strong.

Sexual Dimorphism: Bulls are larger, have longer horns, and can grow a beard. Cows are smaller and not as prominently muscular.

Colors and Markings: Kudans are usually solid colors, but can have a wide range of spotted patterns found on bovines. Their skin is often cream, but can come in many shades. The eyes can be brown or black, and very rarely blue.

Common Magical Abilities: Kudans typically have 3-5 strong magical abilities. Vitakinesis and bioimmunity are the two most common abilities seen in kudans.

Physical Abilities: Kudans are strong and quick on their feet.

Reproduction: Kudan cows can have one calf after a gestation period around 40 weeks. The calf is considered an adult around 18 years.