Giants often wore the crystals that they magically created, as well as traded feathers from certain dragon species.

Specie: Giant

Classification: Civilized

Subcategory: Pure

Provinces: Nomadic, could be found in nearly any province with plentiful forests.

Rarity: Extinct

Average Height: 38 feet for both male and females. No taller than 45 feet.

Average Weight: Around 24 tonnes (around 48,000 lbs)

Average Lifespan: 60-70 years

Description: Giants were the towers of ancient Alturas. Although their population was never large, giants were a well known feature of the forests of Alturas, their calculated nomadic travels one of the first calendars used in many provinces. Renown for their peaceful, diplomatic nature, giants rarely took a part in fights, let alone wars. Mindful of their size, very few societies, except for the occasional Greater Fey, tended to antagonize them, instead preferring to trade and work alongside the massive beasts.

Giants were sturdy, with thick bones on thin frames. Due to the sheer amount of calories needed to live, giants very rarely ever became overweight, let alone obese. They were much more common to be found underweight. Giants were bipedal, and shared their basic appearance with goblins, humans, trolls, and fairies. They could be characterized by their height, but also by their flat noses with long, thin nostrils, square jaws, long mouths, and goat-like ears. These ears were fully mobile, and could be used to tell a giant’s mood. Like fairies, giants hair grew along their spine and stopped between their shoulder blades, giving the appearance of a mane.

Like goblins and trolls, giants had long arms and hands. The tips of their fingers would reach mid-thigh. Unlike trolls and goblins, giants had thin, angular shoulders. And unlike humans, giants had little of the female curves or masculine muscle. To hold their incredible weight, giants had thick legs and broad, flat, large feet.

Sexual Dimorphism: Men were able to grow thin, wispy beards, although typically they struggled to grow much facial hair on their cheeks. Women tended to be slightly curvier than men, however, giants were very angular and thin as a species.

Colors and Markings: Giants came in a variety of skin colors, ranging from shades of light grey to a deep umber to a bright copper. Most skin tones were a shade of desaturated browns. Their hair could be any shade of brown, copper red, dull gold, black, grey, or white. Curly, straight, and wavy hair were all equally common. This hair would grow to be more peppered with white as they aged. Freckles, moles, and faint stripes were all common markings. Freckles and moles could be found all over their bodies. The stripes were a darker and/or lighter shade of their skin tone, and would appear in random horizontal or near horizontal patterns, like the stripes found in rocks.

Common Magical Abilities: Giants had a common magical ability across their specie: the ability to create minerals and gemstones from materials around them. From limestone, peat, or even coal, giants could extract enough carbon to make a diamond. Giants passed down orally the knowledge on how to create different minerals and gemstones. In addition to this ability, giants often were capable of a wide variety of magic abilities, although their total number of abilities was usually around three to five.

Physical Abilities: Compared to other creatures, giants were remarkably strong due to their sheer size. They were more than capable of pulling up an entire mature oak tree, and could easily level a house. However, due to their size, momentum could become an enemy, and this often made them slower to react quickly to threats. Giants were nomadic, which was a requirement so that their diet would not ruin an ecosystem. They had a slow metabolism and could digest nearly any foliage, including bark, branches, and thin trees. Giants rarely moved quickly, as a part of their metabolism making maximum use out of their food. During the winter, giants would go into hibernation, often next to a cliff, until spring arrived.

Reproduction: One child born live after 50 weeks. Twins are incredibly rare, and often thought to be a sign from a deity.

The giantess, Dell, who was a tribal leader before giants went extinct.