Specie: Feathered Wolf

Classification: Civilized

Subcategory: Pure hybrid

Provinces:, Jaczin Mountain Range, Feylands.

Rarity: Rare

Average Height: 3-4 feet

Average Weight: 70 lbs

Average Wingspan: Depends on wing shape. 10-12 feet.

Life Span: 80-90 years

Diet: Carnivores who mostly eat dried meats that are bland and flavorless, but last a long time and don’t spoil through long hard winters. They occasionally hunt rams if they come far enough north, but otherwise they hunt birds of prey, and team up against bears and other mountain dwellers.

Description: Feathered wolves have long, thick coats, and various sized wings and feathered bird-like tails. Their wings rely heavily on genetics, so one wolf might have longer thinner wings, while another might have shorter broader wings. Tail feathers also differ greatly and can range from a broad fan shapes to more tapered styles similar to a swallows. They also feature a mohaw-like crest of feathers on top of their heads that help depict emotions.  Their front paws have longer fingers than what is seen on other similar wolf species, and they also feature longer claws, as well as larger dew claws on their back paws.

Colors and Markings:  Feathered wolves commonly come in shades of white, grey, black and brown. Rose grey and red pelts are more uncommon. Various degrees of markings and spots have been seen, as well as brindle patterns and stripes on the feathers.

Sexual Dimorphism:  Males are usually a bit smaller, but have a larger crest of feathers which can carry down the back of their neck. Females have smaller crests that don’t stand as tall and don’t carry down the neck.

Common Magical Abilities: Feathered wolves tend to be decently magical. Common abilities include aerokinesis and thermokinesis, but it varies widely upon individuals.

Physical Abilities: Feathered wolves are agile and quick, as well as highly flexible. They are not overly physically strong, but have incredible senses of smell, hearing, and highly adept eyesight. They are usually strong fliers, and adept with aerial attacks and maneuvers.

Reproduction:  They reach sexual maturity around 15 years of age. They have an average of a 70 day gestation period, with litters of 3-5 pups. Pups are born deaf and blind and usually gain hearing after about 14 days, and sight with in 24 days.

First flight is usually around the first year, but training and practice starts at 6 months.

Culture: Feathered wolves typically live in tribes of 100-150, which can have 10-15 family groups. They are not nomadic, and hunt in controlled territories. One tribe may not hunt in the territory of another. They are rather primitive in comparison to the rest of the creatures that reside in Themble and other provinces. They are highly isolated from society, and live in caves on the highest peaks only reachable by flight. Feathered wolves’ rarity means that they are practically non-existent outside of their tribes and territories.

Alturian feathered wolves were designed by Kristine Cordy. This page was written by her with minor edits.