Specie: Fairy

Classification: Fey (lesser)

Subcategory: Pure

Provinces: Feylands

Rarity: Common

Average Height: 4-6 inches

Average Weight: Less than half of a pound

Life Span: 70-80 years (rare to reach, though)

Diet: Omnivore

Description: Fairies are small and delicate, with a humanoid frame. They have large eyes and flat, nearly non-existent noses. The eyes are large, framed by long lashes. The ears are highly mobile and long, with a shape more akin to a rabbit’s than a human’s. Hair is not only present on the head, but grows down the spine to the waist. Fairies have no eyebrows.

Their slender body is covered in soft, flexible scales, which can take on a metallic hue on the shoulders and back. The limbs are long, especially the legs. The hands have long fingers, while the feet are three toed with a hind claw, like a mix between an insect and a bird.

Fairies have one pair of wings, which are long and membranous with many veins. Each wing is separated into the forewing and the hindwing.

They have high, piercing voices and can scream remarkably loudly.

Sexual Dimorphism: Male fairies have a more square jaw and are more likely to have a large nose and short ears than a female. Males have darker scales on their shoulders than females. Females have larger busts than males.

Colors and Markings: Fairies come in many shades of purple, blue, and green, ranging from near-white, to olive green, to dark sapphire. Their wings are opaque. Green is the most common color for fairies. Very rarely, they may come in a desaturated rust orange or magenta.

Fairies may have spots of purple, blue, green, or white. These spots may be few, or cluster in large splotches.

The eyes can be shades of brown, blue, green, and amber.

Common Magical Abilities: Fairies are not particularly strong magically for Fey. They typically have three to five abilities, which are most often mimicry, ventriloquy, photokinesis, invisibility, and bilocation.

Physical Abilities: Fairies are fragile, but they are also fast fliers and are incredibly nimble. They can hover in the air and fly backwards. Fairies also have the natural ability to shriek at ear-piercing levels.

Reproduction: As lesser fey, fairies have a higher chance at successful reproduction than many Fey species. However, their short attention spans, selfishness, and inability to plan well for the future leads to high percentages of infantile death.

Fairies can have 5-10 larvae, which are considered adults at the age of fifteen.