Two mundane mules in the Feylands

Number of Species: A couple dozen.

Classification: Civilized and mundane

Subcategory: Impure

Provinces: Ranges depending on specie.

Rarity: Common

Description: Horses and their relations are a common sight in most of Alturas. Ranging massively in size and build, equines come in a variety of colors and patterns. Their size, strength, and grace helps them procure many different types of jobs, whether they are mundane or civilized.

Several magical species such as unicorns, kelpies, and pegasi are related to equines, but are only civilized and never mundane.

Common Magical Abilities: Mundane horses and other equines are rarely magical and are overwhelmingly null. Civilized equines are not always magical, and are often not strong when they are. Telekinesis is the most common ability, although the environment that they live in may lead to an increased likelihood of specific magical abilities appearing commonly in one area. A famous example are the “wind ponies,” a group of shaggy grey ponies found along the northwestern coast of Vose who are overwhelmingly areokinetic.

Examples of Equine Species and Subspecies: Horses, unicorns, kelpies, pegasi, donkeys, mules, zebras, quaggas, and wild asses.