Specie: Centaur

Classification: Civilized

Subcategory: Impure Hybrid

Provinces: The plains and forests of Cyrin.

Rarity: Common

Average Height: 13-15 hh at withers (52-60 inches at the equine shoulder)

Average Weight: 1,200 lbs

Life Span: 75-85 years

Diet: Omnivore with a primarily herbivore diet.

Description: Centaurs have the body of a horse, with a torso of a human instead of an equine neck and head. Most centaurs transition from fur to skin at the lower end of the torso, although it is not unheard of for stallions to have fur traveling up along their human spine and dusting their shoulders. At their head, centaur hair grows further down than human hair, ending at the back of their neck or continuing downwards to their shoulder blades.

Centaurs can range muscularly. Some centaurs, stallions or mares, can be more muscular than others, which may be built more for speed.

Sexual Dimorphism: Centaurs have the physical features of male or female equine and human anatomy matching their own sex. Stallions often have manes that grow farther down their spine than mares. They are also more likely to have fur grow along their human spine.

Colors and Markings: Centaurs can come in any equine fur and human skin color. Their hair and tail match their equine color. Vitiligo and hyperpigmentation are incredibly common with spotted coat colors. Eyes are typically brown or blue, with the rare hazel.

Common Magical Abilities: Centaurs are not particularly magical, but generally have kinetic abilities.

Physical Abilities: Centaurs are fast, nimble, and strong, a perfect combination of human dexterity and equine strength.

Reproduction:  One foal born live with a gestation period of 50 weeks. Twins are incredibly rare and can pose a health risk to the mother.