Marla is an example of a civilized dog.

Number of Species: Over thirty

Classification: Civilized and mundane

Subcategory: Impure

Provinces: Almost all

Rarity: Common, for most species.

Description: From the deserts to the Jaczin Mountain Range, the many species of canines can be all over the three continents of Alturas. Although most canines have only their four legs, there are exceptions, such as the feathered wolves, which sport feathered wings and tail feathers.

Most species of canines can either be mundane or civilized, with exceptions for species like direwolves and winged wolves, which are only civilized. Rougarou and other canine-therios are not considered true canines, as they are half-human.

Common Magical Abilities: Mundane canine species tend to be null but occasionally show weak magical physical amplification and empathy. Civilized canines are overwhelmingly telekinetic, although to different degrees of strength.

Examples of Canine Species and Subspecies: Dogs, wolves, jackals, coyotes, foxes, wild dogs, raccoon dogs, dholes, maned wolves, direwolves, feathered wolves.