Pem is an example of a bovine.

Number of Species: +30

Classification: Civilized and mundane

Subcategory: Impure

Provinces: Ranges depending on specie.

Rarity: Varies between species. Most common are cows.

Description: Bovines are a large family of cloven hooved animals. Not only are there cows in this family, but yaks, bison, and even bongos. Bovines vary greatly upon their look at their size because of this.

Cows are the most common specie of bovine in Alturas. Mundane cows are raised for meat, and sometimes milk, across various parts of Alturas. They are also sometimes used for labor, although it is often more useful and practical for the job to go to civilized cows or horses.

Common Magical Abilities: Mundane bovines rarely have magical abilities and are usually null. Civilized bovine abilities vary massively, although telekinesis and illusory abilities are common.

Examples of Bovine Species and Subspecies: Cows, yaks, bison, water buffalo, gaurs, aurochs, bongos, kudos, and nyala.