Specie: Basilisk

Classification: Mundane

Subcategory: Pure Hybrid

Provinces: Tropical forests in Merline

Rarity: Common

Average Height: 5-6 feet

Average Weight: 600-700 lbs

Life Span: 8-10 years

Diet: Carnivore

Description: Closely related to the desert-dwelling cockatrice, the basilisk is an obnoxious animal. Loud, brash, and impulsive, basilisks group up in bullies of three to five members. Together, they kill livestock, chase and attempt to kill children, and poop everywhere. However, a basilisk’s piercing and often magical gaze, as well as ear-popping shriek, make them popular, if uncontrollable, watchdogs for some Merline villages.

Sexual Dimorphism: Males are much more brightly colored that females, and have larger combs and wattles.

Colors and Markings: Basilisks come in shades of green with red-orange feathers and markings and pale bellies.

Common Magical Abilities: Basilisks are widely renown for their hypnotic abilities. Typically, basilisks use hypnosis to paralyze their victims before going in for the kill, although some basilisks are powerful enough to encourage their victims to come straight to the basilisk – and its stomach.

Physical Abilities: Basilisks are completely flightless, but they are quick on their feet and agile jumpers.

Reproduction: Basilisks have five to ten eggs in their yearly clutch. Basilisks are mature when they reach their first birthday.