Specie: Baku

Classification: Fey (Greater)

Subcategory: Pure Hybrid

Provinces: Feylands

Rarity: Critically endangered. Less than 200 individuals remain.

Average Height: 6-7 feet.

Average Weight: 2,100-2,500 lbs

Life Span: 1,800 – 2,250 years.

Diet: Omnivorous.

Description: Bakus are known for their aggressiveness. Massive creatures with rippling muscles, bakus are not to be trifled with. They have long heads with a short, prehensile nose trunk and large protruding tusks on their lower jaw. Bakus have small black eyes and tall, wide ears that are incredibly mobile. Their bodies are thick and round with muscle, with broad fore paws and long claws. Baku tails are thin and medium length, ending with a thick tuff of fur.

Sexual Dimorphism: Male bakus are larger than females and have more prominent tusks.

Colors and Markings: Bakus can be solid colored, spotted, or striped. Their solid markings white on a base coat, and are usually cover large areas of the body. The stripes are thin, and typically cover the head, shoulders, and legs, but often fade on the back and tail. Bakus can be black, grey, or orange.

Common Magical Abilities: Bakus are Greater Fey, and typically have ten to twelve different magical abilities. While their individual abilities vary, one or more physical amplifications are almost always seen in bakus.

Physical Abilities: Bakus are strong, fast, and have sharp claws. Their aggressive nature and prideful mannerisms make them ill allies. Bakus are decent swimmers, but their weight, despite their claws and strength, make them poor climbers.

Reproduction: Bakus, like all Fey, have low fertility rates. Combined with a population that is nearing extinction, there is the strong likelyhood that bakus will go extinct sooner than later. When they do have the opportunity to create offspring, baku have three or four cubs that mature around 500 years of age.