Number of Species: Around 10,000

Classification: Civilized and mundane

Subcategory: Impure

Provinces: All

Rarity: Depends on the individual specie, but birds are very common

Description: Birds are one of the most versatile species on Alturas, capable of living in extreme biomes like the arctic and deserts. They can be characterized by their wings, feathers, beaked jaw, and their ability to lay eggs. Birds can come in a high degree of sizes, shapes, colors, and diets.

Common Magical Abilities: Aerokinesis, illusions, glamours, photokinesis, and hydrokinesis are all magical abilities seen commonly across bird species, but magical abilities may vary more within species.

Examples of Bird Species:
Scrub jays, turkeys, California valley quail, Canadian geese, acorn woodpeckers, common barn owls, great horned owls, spotted owls, mallards, northern pintails, gadwalls, wood ducks, northern shovelers, redhead ducks, ring-necked ducks, ruddy ducks, snow geese, Wilson’s snipe, killdeer, little bittens, grey herons, great blue herons, great egrets, brown pelicans, European storm petrel, sandwich tern, whiskered tern, Caspian terns, Mediterranean gulls, black-headed gulls, slender-billed gulls, Sabine’s gulls, mourning dove, osprey, bald eagles, red tailed hawks, golden eagles, northern harriers, white-tailed kites, American kestrels, and turkey vultures.