Alturas has three continents of various sizes, as well as an ocean that has four divisions.


Vose is the largest continent of Alturas and the home of Themble, Darid, Farsni, the Feylands, and the Barrier. It has a massive array of different biomes, from massive mountains to humid swamps and millions of acres of forests.


Situated below Vose, Merline has thick jungles and burning deserts on the spears of land that nearly meet Vose. However, to the south there are freezing tundras and deserts of snow, including year-around ice that covers the southern pole.


The smallest continent on Alturas, Cyrin is pierced by mountains in the north, and valleys and deserts to the south. Located between the ends of Vose in the middle of empty ocean.

The Prifrun Ocean, which contains the Lel and Cenen Seas that border Themble.

Prifrun Ocean

The Prifrun Ocean is between the eastern body of water between Vose and Merline, before it draws north and south. It is considered to end at the western edge of Cyrin, but continue downwards until it reaches the southern pole. The Prifrun Ocean contains the Lel and Cenen Seas, which border Themble on the east and south coasts.

Biln Ocean

Containing the northern pole, the Biln Ocean continues south between Vose’s western coast and Cyrin’s eastern coast, before halting at the southern edge of Cyrin.

Olkair Ocean

Bordering the Biln’s southern border, the Olkair Ocean continues south around the southern coast of Cyrin and under Vose until it meets the western edge of Merline.

Andonbar Ocean

The smallest division of Alturas’ World Ocean, the Andonbar Ocean is situated between the Olkair Ocean and the Prifrun Ocean, covered the western section of ocean that is wedged between Vose and Merline.