Katie Cordy is a fine arts and first grade teacher, as well as writer and illustrator born and raised in Northern California. Katie has always had a passion for worldbuilding and mythology. Her first book, All About Unicorns and Pegasus, was written when she was in kindergarten to educate her ignorant classmates. Throughout her childhood, Katie invented unusual characters, bizarre creatures, and fantastical stories with her sister. This fascination with mythology and magic followed her into high school, where she studied Latin until she graduated.

Katie then went into an accelerated teaching program in college to become an elementary school teacher with a minor in special education. During her student teaching, Katie began outlining Name of the King and started the World of Alturas website. In December 2019, she completed the first draft of Name of the King.

Now, Katie is spending spare moment writing, drawing, or learning about the publishing business. Her current aim is to finish polishing Name of the King so that she can begin querying it to agents.

Although her passion is writing and illustrating, Katie spends too much of her time reading anything she can get her hands on. A passionate supporter of her local library, Katie’s favorite genres are fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction. She also loves riding horses, collecting the occasion Breyer model horse, and taking long, meandering walks.

You can follow Katie’s journey on Instagram and Twitter at @bykatiecordy.