What is the World of Alturas?

The World of Alturas is the setting for Name of the KingĀ by Katie Cordy. Until Name of the King is published, this website can give a glimpse of the intricate world of Ireen and the Black King, as well as chart Name of the King’s progress from outline to fully fledged book.

The website is broken down into several sections, from Alturas and its provinces, to the characters, and illustrations and sketches.


The idea for the World of Alturas came from considerably too many unorganized pages of worldbuilding information. It was becoming difficult and frustrating to find the information when needed. In 2016, I bought the domain and spent 2017 through summer 2019 creating over 150 pages of updated information ready for the outline and the rough draft. The website made it easy to find what I needed by linking everything together. Everything on the World of Alturas, from the content to the art to the personalization of the website itself, was created by myself.

The main reason I made the World of Alturas public (rather than keeping it a private, password-locked website) was so that I could have what I always want with a book: a single website filled with canon information, with no ads, no cookies, and no viruses. Whether readers choose to read Name of the King and the following books by physical book, ebook, or audiobook, the World of Alturas will be there to remind them of any forgotten facts, and deepen the world without bogging down the books. This website is an act of love. And considerably too many hours daydreaming.